31 Ways To Save On Your Grocery Budget: Tip #9


It wasn't so long ago that the Marketers realized that 100 Calorie Packs would go crazy on the market. Everyone's looking for that quick snack but not the quickly added weight gain! But, like every convenience food, they put a steep price tag on those items. Every so often you might find a good price-cut on them through a deal but even at a discount, you can usually still get more for your money by making your own.

And let me tell you, it's sooo easy to make these up yourself. Ziploc/Glad even have special bags called "snack bags" that are the perfect size! Foods all have the nutritional content on the back that includes serving size. By using those portions, you can make your own little "100 Calorie Packs" very cheaply and quickly. What to do with those bags when you are done making them? Most retail stores sell little plastic "shoe box" containers that will fit nicely in most cabinets. Not only will the kids have a quick snack that limits their calories, but you can also use them to quickly throw them into their/your lunches.

And the same goes for snacky items like pudding or Jell-O. Rubbermaid makes these cute little 2 oz. containers that work great for making single servings. You can also use these for splitting yogurt cups if you want two smaller sizes, or for storing any you have left over for a snack later. Consider buying up a large container of the regular/vanilla yogurt and make your own flavors by simply adding fresh fruit or by mixing the yogurt and fruit in a blender. Not only could you possibly get more for your money, but by using washable plastic containers, you save on all that extra waste.

Be creative. Come up with your own healthy single-serving sized snacks! In the end, not only are you saving on those extra convenience food price tags, but you can also make much healthier versions to keep your family in shape! After awhile, they will get used to the portions and you'll save $$ on your "snack budget."


  1. I think this is one of the best ways to save money especially if you have kids that you pack a lunch for. Nice post!

  2. very nice post I read your blog often you have great tips


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