31 Ways to Save on Your Grocery Budget: Tip #30


We all hate to waste food. So when our plates are piled high, we feel the need to eat everything. Sometimes, even to the point of feeling sick. But by changing how much we initially put on our plates, can actually cut back on the cost of groceries.

How's that? If we start with smaller portions on our plates, we may be less apt to go back for more. We'll eat a little slower and enjoy our food and actually let our brain catch up with how much we are shoveling into our stomachs. It will actually send out a signal saying, "I'm full!"

By simply skipping seconds at most meals, you'll eventually find that your current recipes might make enough for another complete meal or even just enough for a small lunch to have at home or take to work.

But for me, the best way I was able to kick the "too much eating" bad habit was by switching from dinner plates to appetizer plates. I use these as much as possible! We've been finding ourselves getting full on less and our minds are tricked into thinking we've eaten an entire plate of food! I found a great article HERE on How To Eat Proper Portions. It's well worth the read!

By trying this simple little "mind trick," not only will you be keeping off extra weight, but you'll also save on your grocery budget.

Tune in tomorrow for the final Tip... #31.


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