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I've been saving up to invest in a really good larger food processor. I've been using this tiny little thing (2-3 cups?) that I got for $10 on Dealio but I want something bigger so I can make up doughs, bread crumbs, chopping up things, making large quantities of baby food, etc.

I was wondering, for those of you that love your current food processor, what kind (brand) do you have?

I am just starting to try to switch to making more homemade things myself and I was wondering what size do you guys recommend for a food processor? I see them range anywhere from 7-12 cups for the larger ones. I don't want to invest in one that's too small! And is it worth the $99 for a Kitchen-Aid or Cuisinart or can I get by with one of those Hamilton Beach or Black and Decker $30 ones? (just giving out examples...)

Thanks for any help! I'm totally in the dark when it comes to these little machines!

UPDATE: Thank you all so very much! I am still deciding on which one to buy. I'm having a hard time convincing myself that I should spend so much. I get like this for anything over $20. But I did find this one HERE at QVC that might just end up in our home. It comes with an extra Julienne slicing blade, which seems to run about $30 on its own. What I have found is that Kitchen-Aid has a rebate going on for these right now, up to $30, depending on the model.

If I get into cooking as much as I think I'm going to--and after hearing all of the good reviews from you guys--I may have to put the KitchenAid mixer on this year's Christmas list!! :)


  1. Hey Jaycie, I have a Kitchen Aid and I love it. The best part is you can buy all sorts of attachments for it. It can double (or triple as more things) - I love the juicer attachment on mine.

    Anyway, if you're going to be a heavy user of it, I would recommend getting a nice one. If you get a low end one you're going to burn it out over and over and end up spending just as much in the long run. At that point you'll wish you got the nicer one with all the bells and whistles. My BIL has a Cuisinart and loves it - he's really into cooking, so uses his a lot.

    Someone like me should have gotten a cheap one - I only pull mine out once a year or so!

  2. I have the kitchen aid one and I love it.It comes with a ton of accessories and a recipe book. I bought mine on QVC.They have the best deals on that brand.

  3. Oh, I want one too! I cant wait to see what ppl say abou theirs. I also want a kitchen aid mixer. My mom has one on her kitchen counter she puts fake flowers in the bowl :( (she don't cook) Its so sad to look at knowing how loved it would be at my house. lol

  4. hey.
    i have the dualit food processor, and it is AWESOME!! i love to cook, so i have owned at least 4 or 5 of them. this is by far the best!! it is a little expensive... BUT ABOLUTELY WORTH IT! CARLY :)

  5. Hi Jaycie,

    We've had our Cuisinart for years (got it as a wedding gift, so for over 6 years). It is a great processor, and a good size, too. The only problem is that it is really loud! So, my boys are scaried when we run it.

    I just got the magic bullet for baby food. Although it is smaller, I absolutely love it! It processes faster and with less noise. It also purees finer. It isn't a big one like you are wanting, but since you mentioned baby food, I thought it was worth mentioning.

  6. Get a Kitchen-Aid! Every Cuisinart I have bought, the motor went kaput just after a couple months. I will never buy another Cuisinart, Kitchen-Aid all the way! They are just built to last.

  7. I have a Cuisinart and I LOVE it. Worth the extra $$$ (although I got mine as a wedding gift). The motor did go out on it after a couple of years BUT I sent it back to the manufacturer and they sent me a new one absolutely free, no questions. Now that's customer service!

  8. I have a Cuisinart 7-cup processor that I've had for maybe 4 years now. I love it. I used a gift cert. to pay for part of it. I use it to make pizza dough often and it works great. I've also used it to make bread and of course I've used it to make baby food. Stella was scared of it maybe the first time or 2 I used it when she was nearby, but now she is right there putting the ingredients in and turning it on for me.
    The 7 cup works well for us (family of 3). Every once in a while I wish I had a bigger one though.


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