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So last Friday, I babysat my neighbor's son for the day. It was great having him over to hang out with Nathan, since he's 3 (and Nathan's 2.) When my neighbor came to pick him up, she asked what she owed me and I said, "Nothing." She didn't seem to want to go for that answer so I said, "Hey, you give me all your extra coupons each week, you save me $$. Let me return the favor."

It got me thinking, hmmm, what else could we do for coupons? "I'll mow your grass if you print me out some Kashi Waffle Qs!" :)

Remember that old 80s flick called, "Mr. Mom." There's a scene where he's playing cards with the ladies and they are using coupons as "winnings." I picture this week's...I'll raise you ALL my Kraft coupons! (Gasps!)

Anyway, I just wanted to say that let coupons be fun, too. Surprise a friend and mail her/him some great coupons for deals you know they use and say, "Hey, just wanted to brighten your day!"

Pass on the coupon love, help out a friend and have some fun!! We get enough stress over complicated coupon policies and some grumpy cashiers (and people standing in line behind us!)


  1. Great idea! I think we should do this around the blogosphere! I don't use things like Kashi, organic foods, etc but would love other items and I'm sure there are other who would love them. I wonder if we could start something like that?

  2. You'll mow my grass for Kashi hmm? Will you drive all the way here??!!! How bout a bloggy meetup next week in NL? Me and thee and the kiddos at a park? Why am I not emailing - I gotta comment and tell you I LOVE YOUR BLOG look! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo stinkin cute. Oh and hoorah it's your week for Jewel and well I'll shush now!!!

  3. I'll take you up on the grass mowing! In all seriousness though, those are some fantastic ideas!

  4. Oh, I love that scene in "Mr.Mom"!! Yeah, wished we could do more trading like that, it would be fun!

  5. You may want to check your natural food section for coupons for Kashi. My local grocery store had a Kashi coupon book with 6 $1 off coupons in them!

  6. These are great ideas.

    Sometimes I have intentions of using coupons but the end price is more than I want to pay so recently I have been taking coupons that I'm not going to use (like the $2 California Pizza Kitchen ones) and placing them by the item for the next person that comes along.


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