New 9AM Tip Series & What's Happening in June

So I went to get dressed to play outside with the kids and I was almost depressed by my choices--maternity shorts or "not being able to breathe shorts." Yes, I am still not back into my "old clothes," yet. I probably have a pair or two of pants/shorts to wear that are "in-between." I know...9 months on, 9 months off...but hey, it's summer, I'm ready to be fit again! :) And the thought of having to buy a new swimming suit...not appealing!

I know that if I work at it just a little bit, I can be back into my old clothes in no time. So, I'm on a mission. A mission of "Fit Back Into My Clothes!" So I've got a few things planned for June.

1) At 9AM every day, I'll share with you a tip I've found online, in a book/magazine, heard on the radio, etc that will eventually help us to lose a pound.

2) Every day at 5PM CST, I'm going to put out a "It's 5PM, do you know where your health is?" posting. This is just a reminder that the day is drawing to a close and we should make sure we have tried to get in a little exercise and/or haven't indulged on too many unhealthy foods. (This is like WGN's nightly--It's 9PM, Do You Know Where Your Kids Are?)

3) Every Friday, I'll update you on my week as far as fitness and how I found ways to avoid the "snack attack." We'll call this one, "Friday's Follow-Up: Fitting Into My Clothes."

4) On June 30th, my giveaway for that week is going to be a $25 Visa Gift Card so that one of my lucky readers can go on a mini-shopping spree---whether you lose so much you need SMALLER clothes or maybe just something to treat yourself to for putting your health as a top priority.

I'm hoping that you will join me in saying, "NO!" to having to buy new (bigger)clothes--and yes, to fitting back into those old and beloved ones we already have. (And in the end...saving us some money!)

I am also happy to tell you guys that my knees have fully recovered and I am starting fresh with my 5K training again. I think I found a few mistakes I made the first time so it should go better this time around.

Here's to June....and a healthier YOU!

(Disclaimer: As always...check with your physician before starting any new or more strenuous exercise program. We want you healthy AND safe!)


  1. I enjoyed your daily savings tips, so these should be good as well! I'm right there with you. I just got EA Sports Active for the Wii and will be starting the 30-day challenge on there TODAY!

  2. Woo, I'm starting my 5k training thing today too, how weird!! Good luck!!


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