Saving Money Challenge: How I Saved Money This Last Week

OK, I know I still owe you all a shopping picture for last week but, well, I can't find my receipts just yet. I laid them by the PC and then I did a bunch of spring cleaning--and I think I pitched them! So, when I get time to study my pics and guestimate prices, I'll get that one posted! But here are the little ways I found to save money last week. I'm still following the Saving Money Challenge, I'm just a little slow with the updates! :)

~I set my SUV to display MPG on my dash and I watched my driving habits throughout the week. Rich has done this for awhile and has been able to maximize his gas usage.

~I cut Nathan's hair myself, rather than taking him to a salon, saving about $15.

~I planned ahead for our nephew's birthday party and got $70 in video games for $19.

~I made sure to use up all my leftovers for the week. Nothing was thrown out.

~Our big "outing" for the week was an $8 trip for the three of us to eat at McDonald's. Otherwise, our entertainment was walks around the block, trips to the park and Yahtzee!

~I finished going through the last of my magazines and found more coupons! (and more space!)

"Time is Money" Savers

~I moved Nathan's clothes and diapers into Kaydi's room, since I usually change both of them at the same time. I then opened up his closet for more play area. It should help keep toys in check.

~I donated a sorter that didn't work in my laundry room. I then took the storage unit that was in Nathan's room and used it for...another stockpiling unit! Yippee! I now have complete walking room in our pantry!

~I re-organized more of the kitchen cupboards to better utilize my time and to prevent things from falling on my head!

~I went through both the kid's closets and pulled out clothes that didn't fit, freeing up more space, and I then donated them. Thrift stores really hurt for baby clothes during garage sale season!

The house is getting a little more organized, which is really starting to free up some more time to play with the kids. It's amazing how much time we can spend cleaning the house...over and over and over again. :)

I'm hoping you are finding little ways to save a little and to make life a little easier!


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