Week In Review: Saving Money Challenge--Week 4's Shopping Trip

So, I've given up on finding Week 3s receipts. I must have thrown them out in my mad-spring cleaning. Thank goodness I didn't buy any rebate items that week! I do know from my grocery envelope that it cost $42 that week. It was mostly Kraft items, condiments, weekly basics, 2 newspapers and a $2 squash for Kaydi's baby food. So, after week 3 my totals would have been:

May groceries/household = $24.35 + $42.00 = $66.35.
Total Baby Food Costs = $2. (included in above total)
Total Rebates Earned = $4.99

Moving on to Week 4. I thought for sure I was going to end May at $100 and then Jewel went and had a great deal on pop, which actually, was great since we were down to our last 12pk. I stocked up last fall. I asked and there wasn't any limit to what you could buy. Here's my trips for the week. A rare week of multiple trips!

1 Bliss Chocolate Bar
2 Pupperoni Dog Treats
2 100-Calorie Pack Peanut Butter cookies
10 Joint Juices
1 Quaker Oatmeal Pancake Mix
2 Coppertone Sunblocks
Total Cost = $25.14
Total Out-of-Pocket = $4.14. Used coupons galore!

1 gallon of milk
2 lbs of tomatoes
1 onion
6 ears of corn on the cob
1 Grandpa's Potato Salad (My Mom's favorite!)
1 pkg of corn taco shells
18 eggs
1 pkg of hamburger buns
1 pkg of hot dog buns
2 Hillshire Farms lunch meats
5-12pks of Coke products (not pictured as I didn't want to break my table!)
1 box of Kellogg's Honey Cornflakes
1-2L of Diet Pepsi
2 Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauces
3 Kraft BBQ Sauces
2 Kraft Salad Dressings
1 bag of sugar
2-25oz. cans of Goodstart Formula

Total Groceries/Baby Items Cost = $109.39 (This is after preferred savings)
Total Out-of-Pocket = $83.39 with $43.98 being formula so, $39.41 on groceries.

My Mom wanted to get some pop, so I made one more trip on Saturday and then got two more Coke/Pepsi coupons from my neighbor and went out once more on Monday. These are my totals for those days. I was exhausted after carrying in the pop and didn't think the picture of pop would be all too exciting. :)

Jewel Transactions #1 and #2
5 Coke Products
2 Hillshire Lunchmeats
Total Out-of-Pocket = $10.26

5-12pks of Coke Products
2 Hillshire Lunchmeats
5-12pks of Pepsi Products
Total Out-of-Pocket = $24.84

2-Romano's Macaroni & Grill Meals
1 Box of Blue Bunny Ice Cream
Total Cost = $12.10
Total Out-of-Pocket = $4.77. Had Free Coupons for the M&G Meals
Total Earned = $4.34 Blue Bunny Rebate.

Grand Totals for Week 4:
Groceries = $83.42
Baby Formula = $43.98
Rebates Earned = $4.34

Those totals aren't too bad considering the stockpile I now have on pop & lunchmeat AND I had my parents here for 3.5 days for several meals. I shouldn't have to buy pop for a long, long time! (I hate running out of this for Rich because they are $4+ a 12-pk, otherwise!)

Here are my overall May Totals now:
Groceries = $149.77
Baby Formula = $43.98
Homemade Baby Food = $2 for sweet potatoes and squash (already included in grocery total but keeping separate,too)
Rebates Earned = $9.33
Coupon Costs = $2 on eBay for 40 Joint Juices. Newspapers were figured into grocery trips.

That's it for May. We'll see how June turns out. I still have most of my stockpile left plus lots more added to it. I'm hoping there aren't any more high $ coupons put out in June! :) (joking!)

Did you have a good trip this week? Since Mr. Linky is still on the blink, I guess we'll have to resort to leaving comments with links to your blog. Sorry about that. Maybe next week ML will be working again!


  1. Hi Jaycie,

    I enjoy reading your blog! Here is the link to my Walmart & Target trips. 78% Savings at Walmart and 60% at Target, plus I highlighted a few deals.


  2. Your blog is looking so good. I am so proud of all your work. I saw your comment about Mr. Linky.

    Tonight when I went to get the code, amazingly you can upgrade to gold status and it will work. For me it was a cost of less then $4 PayPal. I don't exactly agree with how that came across, but I needed it and for $4 is was cheaper than to try digging up an alternative.

    I also want to thank you for the traffic you have sent me. I truly appreciate it. :)



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