30 Ways To Lose a Pound: Tip #14

Tip #14 - "Cleanse Your Palette" After Eating "Junk Food"

So here's the situation--you've eaten a bunch of potato chips or a candy bar and now you want more. Your tastebuds are still craving that salt or chocolate. Try this--instead of eating more, "cleanse your palette" with something healthy and/or "refreshing." I've tried this several times and it seems to work. I've found that if that salty/chocolate taste lingers, I want more but if I eat an apple/carrot/celery afterwards, I'm good to go!

This is like getting the best of both worlds---you fulfill that craving you have but you don't over-indulge and pack on the pounds!


  1. Brushing your teach also helps!

  2. Great idea. I usually want candy after eating something salty.

  3. Ok, hope everyone knows I meet TEETH, not teach! Goodness, what a slip of the fingers!


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