30 Ways To Lose A Pound Tip # 18

TIP # 18 - Eat Meals A Little Slower and In Smaller Bites

They say some of problems of weight gain are caused because we eat so fast that we don't give our brain time to register the fact that our stomachs are full. We are sometimes so busy scarfing down food that we don't even stop and enjoy the taste of what we are eating.

I used to be the slowest eater. You could almost guarantee that at any meal, I would be the last one to finish. But when I became pregnant, I felt I had to eat fast to consume the amount of food my Dr. kept recommending. Now that it's just back down to "eating for one" I have to train myself to eat slower again. And of course---you don't need to finish every last bite on your plate! I'm not saying to live a wasteful life. Just don't push yourself to eat past that full feeling. Scoop up the rest for another meal later.

By eating slower and in smaller bites, we'll quit eating when are stomachs are actually full and possibly lose a few pounds, in the process!


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