30 Ways To Lose A Pound Tip # 23

Tip #23 - Cut Out High-Calorie Condiments Or Don't Forget to Log Them in Your Food Journal

When we start adding up our calories for each day, we often forget those simple little dollops of condiments that we spread on our food. And those can add up fast!

For example, one Tbsp of Mayo has around 57 calories. Ranch Dressing? 80 calories per Tbsp. 30 calories per Tbsp for sour cream. And 48 Calories per Tbsp for sugar or brown sugar. It may not sound like much. But if you had just a Tbsp of each of these in one day, that's 215 calories and you really haven't eaten anything!

So make sure that when you figure in your calories for the day, that you aren't forgetting to add in your condiments, too. Obviously, what would be best overall is to do away with as many as possible or switch to a healthier version of them. :)

You can make switches, too. Such as mustard for extra flavoring. It doesn't have any calories!


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