30 Ways To Lose A Pound Tip # 28

TIP #28 - Find Better Alternatives To Ice Cream

One of my favorite treats to indulge in is ice cream. I used to use ice cream in my smoothies. Now I've switched to plain yogurt or just milk instead with crushed ice cubes. Here are the calorie break-outs for variations, according to Fat Secret. These are all in 1 cup proportions.

Regular Vanilla Ice Cream = 290

Vanilla Frozen Yogurt = 234

Vanilla Light Ice Cream w/ No Sugar Added = 210

Vanilla Plain Yogurt (Not Frozen) = 208

You can even try some orange sherbet which has 214 calories per 1 cup.

Want an even healthier alternative for a cold treat? Try frozen grapes! Even frozen sugar-free popsicles are only 12 calories each!

This may not seem like much, but if you eat quite a bit of ice cream over time, it does add up. The best solution is to find a healthier treat and to only have ice cream on occasion. But it you just can't give up your ice cream, try switching to a healthier alternative. Over time, the little calorie changes could add up to a pound lost!


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