30 Ways To Lose A Pound Tip # 29

Tip # 29 - Make Small Cutbacks or Changes Here and There

Sometimes all it takes to lose a pound is to simply make some small changes to our everyday eating habits. Something as simple as just eating a little less at each meal can add up over time. Or making simple changes to what we do eat or how we cook them. Switching from fried foods to baking or grilling them. Or eating just a little bit healthier. Here are a couple ideas:

1) Instead of scrambled whole eggs, try scrambled egg whites.
2) Instead of a muffin, eat whole wheat toast w/ peanut butter instead of butter/jelly.
3) Instead of peanuts or cashews, try raw unsalted almonds or even soy nuts.
4) Skip the cheese on sandwiches. (But be sure to get your milk for the day!)
5) Pass on cake & ice cream at parties.
6) Pass on the candy dish at work. (Or have sugar-free candy or sugar-free gum instead.)
7) When eating fast food, opt for the healthy side instead of french fries.
8) Eat fruit or pretzels instead of chips for snack times.
9) Skip on sugarery food and opt for sugar-free.
10) Try low-fat, reduced fat or fat-free alternatives. (Just check the salt levels!)

Just making simple changes and small sacrifices here and there can add up to a pound. And when those clothes fit or you feel comfortable in your own skin again, it will all be worth it! (Not to mention, you'll be creating a much healthier lifestyle!)


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