30 Ways To Lose a Pound: Tip #5


One of the first things they make you do when you start most diet programs is to keep a food journal. The theory is that you can't fix your bad eating habits if you don't know what they are. Good advice! :)

The last time I did a food journal, back when I thought I was eating healthy, I was surprised at how unhealthy I really was eating! So I do recommend keeping a food journal as best you can.

Now, I get it. You are a busy Mom/Dad/Person and you don't have time. Well, try to do the bare minimum journal and log any time you grab a "bad snack"--and why you felt the need to snack. Why is this helpful? You will not only probably see a time pattern to your snacking but you may also see an emotional pattern to your snacking, such as, any time you are bored, sad, depressed or nervous.

When you begin to learn your bad snacking patterns, you can plan for them better. You can make sure you eat something healthy right before they hit. I remember when I worked downtown, I'd want to snack at 2pm. Sure, my sugar levels may have dropped some but what I found out was...I was BORED! So instead of snacking, I'd take a short walk and grab a piece of gum. Worked like a charm and I got some fresh air! :)

So do your best to keep some form of food journal. At the end of the week (or daily) you can check out free food journal sites such as the ones HERE, HERE, HERE or HERE and see just what your caloric intake REALLY is. You might be shocked!


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