30 Ways To Lose a Pound: Tip #7


I think part of the reason so many of us snack on unhealthy foods is because they are quick. Pop open a bag of chips and you are ready to indulge.

One of the ways to help you snack a little healthier is to make sure there are some in view. Try to put a fruit basket on your table. Have some great veggies on the most visual shelf in your fridge. And store some in your cabinets that are the most easily accesible.

And as for unhealthy snacks, well, aside from getting rid of most of them, make them hard to reach! It may take a little time to re-arrange those cabinets but if you keep your snacks somewhere that requires a little more work to reach, you might think twice about eating them!

Some of my favorite snacks are fruits, veggies (such as radishes, celery, carrots), a healthier trail mix, no sugar added applesauce, dill pickles (in moderation to avoid too much salt) and yogurt! And every so often, I'll indulge in some lower-fat cheeses.

Overall, keep the healthy stuff easily accessible and the "junk food" not so much!


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