Friday's Follow-Up: Fitting Back Into My Clothes- Wk 2

So last week, I left off at 120.2. What does the scale say now? 119.2. Yup one more pound shed this week. I know it would've been more but I had to miss one day of exercise. I was incredibly sleep-deprived from Kaydi's teething, keeping us up all night. I should have a "first-tooth" picture soon! It's not quite pushed up enough for that photo yet. But anyway, sometimes you have to know when the exercise just isn't going to fit into the day and make sure you eat extra healthy that day.

What changes have I made this week? I found a "visual goal" for my weight loss. My MIL bought me a pair of really great size 6 Express Jeans for Christmas that are just a little bit snug right now. Yes, they fasten but breathing is...not so easy! :) So I'm hoping to fit comfortably into them in a few weeks here.

I was also real lucky to find a brand-new vegetable keeper at a garage sale this last weekend! I just fill it with water and throw in some celery and carrot slices and I have some snacks ready and waiting for me when I get those evil cravings! I also picked up a 5lb. bag of apples and washed them right away and had them in our fruit basket on the kitchen table. Talk about a quick snack! Even Nathan loves grabbing some when he's hungry!

I've been keeping track this week of when I head off to the kitchen to "munch" on some snacks and I've found that it's almost always due to boredom or stress. I don't deprive myself of some munchies but I just grab some gum or carrots/celery instead. No more chips!

And how did I fit in exercise this week? Last Friday, we went to the park, as a family, and had a really great time. We came back and had a round of horse (basketball), to which I lost! I've continued to take walks with the kids and sneak in exercise throughout the week during playtimes and naptimes. Still loving the WiiFit. I will be starting up that 30 day challenge on EA Sports Active in July, so it gives me something to look forward to. I love switching up my routine. Rich took our bikes off the storage hooks and I'm hoping to add bike rides to my weekly exercise. We may invest in some child seats so we can go together as a family.

So anyway, I hope that you have also been finding ways to change your eating and exercise habits to shave off a pound or two and inch closer to fitting back into those old clothes!

Got a posting on your fitness this week? Leave us a linky for some inspiration. Don't have a blog? Please, share your week with us under the comments.


  1. I've nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award! Check out my post and do the same for your fellow blogger friends!

  2. Hi Jaycie.,

    Your weight loss is wonderful! I am hoping to lose some now that we are eating healthier.

  3. I've nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award! Check out my post and do the same for your fellow blogger friends!

    ♥ you crack me up .... I am trying to exercise more as well and half way thru the day I am like, "why is it that lugging 3 kids around all day doesn't qualify as exercise...the gym is EASY....but I would rather take a nap...LOL♥


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