Friday's Follow-Up: Fitting Back Into My Clothes- Wk 3

So I knew that I wouldn't meet my 1 pound loss a week goal this week so I suppose that helped when I stepped on the scale. 119.0. A whole 1/5 of a pound. (Down 2.5 lbs in 3 weeks, though.) But it's a loss, so that's good. It was real hard getting in exercise this week, as Kaydi was super clingy and it's been raining non-stop here in Chicago, preventing our daily walks. (I'm beginning to think this second tooth has to chisel through cement or something!)

But I did find a new way to sneak in more exercise. While Kaydi is in the Jumperoo, I've been doing stomach crunches. (Ouch!) They seem to help tighten up that stretched baby skin. And to be honest, the scale may not have moved much, but my clothes are fitting better than last week. So that's a bonus.

I'm excited that we were able to move my exercise bike to the family room. I've been working hard at re-arranging, well, basically the entire house. So now, when the kids are playing, I can get in some biking time. I think we may go look for some child seats for our outside bikes this next week.

So, while the scale didn't take a huge jump, I'm still pretty happy with the results. And at my willpower to resist cake/ice cream at the last party! We have six parties in five weeks. And with all the ice cream coupons/sales...it's really pushing the willpower to the next level! :)

How did your week go? Leave a linky to your blog or a comment on your progress. And for those of you looking for a support group, my fave is the Wii Mommies HERE.


  1. Hi Jaycie,
    I really love your blog and I check it often!

    I wondered if you know about freecycle. It's a yahoo group where people offer stuff they want to get rid of and ask for things they need. It's all free. Check out freecycle.org. You would join your local group in Chicago and trade locally. I've seen people ask for child seats for their bikes, and you just never know who's ready to get rid of theirs! Usually, you would pick up the items you want or are offered. You could also check a second hand store or craig's list (I don't have a local one of those, so I'm not that familiar with it).

    Good luck and I hope this saves you some cash!


  2. Keep up the good work, Jaycie!! I'm really proud of you!

    It is so hard to stay motivated when you've got the rain...crying kids...and look at you go!


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