Friday's Follow-Up: Fitting Back Into My Clothes- Wk 4

So, I left off last week at 119.0. Where am I at this week? 118.2. So close to that one pound weekly loss! I was so excited about it that I took a picture of the scale. (My desktop computer is acting up so I couldn't get the pic uploaded!) I'm not sure why I was so excited when I've weighed a lot less but maybe just because I wasn't expecting it to display that. I wasn't able to get in exercise every day this week. I was preparing for my coupon class and dealing with a defiant toddler. (To which I told him, it's OK buddy, we all have bad weeks!) Throw in some scorchingly hot and humid weather and we've got a tough exercise week.

BUT, I am sooo excited that I finally get my EA Sports Active next week. (Jenn, can you believe I didn't give in and open it earlier?!) I'm hoping to start up the 30 day challenge on July 1st. We'll see how it goes. If anyone else has it and wants to join in, it would be fun to share stories. We'll see how my knees hold up! (I've basically decided to wait on my 5K training for now.)

Changes I Made This Week:

~I took mental note of any time I wanted to grab a quick snack and dove for the celery or apples instead.
~I switched out my morning glass of milk with my cereal for yogurt. It's been helping to keep me fuller longer. (And it was soo cheap at Jewel!!) :)
~I did my best to stay in constant movement and not become a "couch potato" during the week. I planned some more active games with the kids instead of just playing toys on the floor.
~Whenever I'd get hungry by the computer, I'd drink a glass of water. It seemed to help.

So, how did your week go? Did you find time to get in a little fitness or alter your diet to a healthier one? Leave us a comment or linky!

Looking for a cool support group and some exercise inspiration? Check out my friends over at Wii Mommies HERE.

UPDATE: I just got to read this week Featured Fitness Friday story HERE from Wii Mommies. I am totally even MORE excited about starting the EA Sports Active now--which I didn't think was possible. And here's a shocker for you all---this week's feature...is from a Wii DADDI (not Mommi)! Yup! You'll want to check it out! If this thing helps me get in that good of a workout, then I might be telling my hubby it's the best present he's ever bought me! :)


  1. Enjoy the active...I had to adjust some as my knees were bothering me, but I still really like it.

  2. I read your post earlier on the coupon class. I am a bit lost on all that. It would seem easy enough get coupon, use coupon, save money with coupon but for some reason it just don't happen. I need to make those changes you did with drinking water and eating yogurt. Its just wrong that chocolate isn't a diet food. Keep on track...What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.


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