Friday's Follow-up: Fitting Into My Clothes Wk 1

So this last weekend, I decided it was time to finally get serious about losing that last bit of "baby weight." Kaydi's 6 months old now and I know that with a little work, I can eventually fit back into my old clothes. I'm at a "tight" 6 and need to go down one more size to get back into those 4s! Eventually! :)

To start off the week, I weighed in and to my surprise, I was up to 121.5. Now this is on the scale and not the WiiFit. So I didn't subtract the 2-3 lbs for clothes. Since I don't always use the WiiFit daily, I wanted to use an easier way to judge my progress. And today, after 4.5 days, I'm at 120.2. Since they say to try to stick between 1-2 lbs per week for a healthy weight loss, I'm right on target.

So how did I get my exercise in this week, while keeping up with two little kids, housework and blogging? I don't have to tell you...it's not easy! But my health is important to me so I took the time. On the nice days, the kids and I went for a walk around our neighborhood. When we got back, if Kaydi had fallen asleep in the stroller, Nathan would ride his bike and I'd shoot some hoops while she slept. Some days I'd do all these plus squeeze in 15-30 minutes on the WiiFit. I've been mostly focusing on Aerobics and Balance. Next week, I hope to get in Strengthening/Yoga on the WiiFit and start up my running again. We'll see how it goes.

I've also been "sneaking" in exercise while playing with the kids. Doing "peek-a-boo sit-ups" with Kaydi, leg lifts/curls while coloring or playing with toys and tag/chase games with Nathan to get in more motion/steps, rather than just sitting to play.

But exercise is only half of it for me. Since I can't put in long hours working out, I also have to focus on what food I take in. I've been trying to drink more water, in general. I don't drink pop/soda so I couldn't give them up! :) I've switched from potato chips/dip to pretzels w/ mustard. Did you know that 20 pretzel sticks and mustard are only 50 calories? (The mustard I have is zero calories!) They are also fairly filling, too!

So I'm working on making exercise a daily habit and focusing on eating less/better.

I'm hoping your week is going well, too! For those of you that do own a Wii, you may want to check into the Wii Mommies site. It's a great place to chat with others on progress & fun!


  1. Good job making some changes and getting in exercise when you can...it definitly can be hard with little ones!

  2. Another snack that is great for when you have a sweet tooth is sugar free jello. There are 40 calories in the whole box (10 per serving). Also, 2 tablespoons of fat free cool whip only adds 15 calories. Not to mention with all of those kraft coupons, it is also a very cheap snack!

  3. Sounds like you're doing great! I think I got the Wii Fit when my daughter was about 6 months old - now she's a year and wants to be a part of it all, lol. I'm glad you're able to sneak exercise in!

    Here's mine: http://kindredspiritreviews.blogspot.com/2009/06/fitness-friday-easactive-yes.html


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