Growing Older & Growing Up

Well, it's almost 11:31PM Chicagoland time, which means, I'll officially be 33 years old. You know, the climbing number doesn't bother me one bit. Because honestly, life just seems to get better the older I get.

It used to be about the cake & presents, right? But now, I use my birthday to reflect on my year. Did I do anything worthwhile? Did I help those in need? Did I make sure to hug & kiss my kids enough so they never forget how much Mommy loves them. And reflecting back, this is probably one of my best years. This blog has helped me, beyond words, to fulfill that inner need to help. One of my friends emailed me and said, "Jaycie, why are you blogging on your birthday?!" See...I really do blog for fun! :)

When my hubby asked what I wanted to do today, I said...Nothing! I want to watch mindless TV. I don't want to change one poopy diaper (big smile) and I want to just blog whenever I feel like it. He had taken the day off just for me! And he pampered me all day! Wouldn't even let me fix supper, despite how I said my blogpost needed me to. HAHA. He's so wonderful!

And every year, I look forward to my Dad telling me I ruined his perfect tennis game, my Mom calling for a longer chat, and my sisters calling to tease me about getting old. And my older brother...he'll tell me how when I get older, he feels really old!! (To which I always say, how do you think Mom feels?)

So I love that now that I am older, it's never about the presents. It's about traditions. And just enjoying life. And analyzing what you've done in life--learning from mistakes and moving forward to create new memories.

Thank you to my hubby for making this such a perfectly relaxing day for me. To my family for making me feel loved from afar! And especially to my Mom for going through the pain to give me life! (I can appreciate that all the more now!) :)


  1. I love your post Jaycie! So heartfelt! I am glad you had a wonderful birthday! You deserve it!

    Cents to Save for Moms :)

  2. hey! today is my birthday too, gotta love july 1st, the middle of the year (6 months christmas then 6 months birthday again) & its canada day...
    thanks for your work on your site I am enjoying couponing and deal finding.

  3. Happy Birthday! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I enjoy reading your blog.

  4. Happy Birthday! Sounds like it will be a great day. Thanks for your awesomely informative blog!

  5. Wow I got a mention!!! happy Birthday friend!

  6. Delurking to wish you a happy birthday! :)

  7. Happy Birthday :)

  8. Happy B-day!! I really love your blog I should leave more comments Than I do, thinking you for all the deals you help me find. So how about just a really long heartfelt comment saying thanks and happy b-day.

  9. I turned 33 in June, myself, and I find much of what you reflected on, I've reflected on. I much prefer myself now to myself 13 years ago (when I got married).

    I do believe I am like a fine wine - I really *do* get better with age!


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