Time Out For A Laugh

So we've been having problems ever since we upgraded to IE 8.0. (We've finally downgraded to 7.0 again.) So I'm just used to any computer issues being related to this.

I was typing up postings today and I told the hubby that I think we had a virus on the PC. The keystrokes now weren't typing and then it would type like crazy. It was a little bizarre. We looked at the processes and such and then he says...

Maybe the batteries are going on the keyboard! Oh for real! I completely forgot we have a wireless keyboard now. The guys back at my old I.T. department that I worked with would just be roaring with laughter over this story. There's a little code we'd use when troubleshooting issues called PICNIC. Know what it means? Person In Chair Not In Computer. Yup, that was me today. Total Duh Moment.

Anyway, I just thought there was a chance that you might get a laugh out of it, too!

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  1. Could you list the steps on how to down grade to the 7.0? Since I did that upgrade to 8 I have had nothing but problems and some coupons I can not print now. I receieve a msg staing that it will not work with this new version. Any help would be appreciated.


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