Welcome, New Couponers!

So some of you might have noticed that I was a little bit more "quiet" on the postings front today. It was, in part, because my son decided not to take a nap (ugh) but mostly because I was preparing for my first-ever couponing class!

I had gotten wind that a nearby library was looking for a couponing class but funds weren't overflowing. So I contacted them and told them I'd do one for free. It's all about giving back, my friends. My library has given so much to my family with their free programs and of course, book selection!

It was VERY hot and humid here in Chicagoland so it scared a few people off from the class. (I didn't want to leave my home either!) But we had six sweet people come out to learn all about couponing ---and I had a blast! Yeah, I was super nervous (I'm actually very shy) but they were soo comforting that I almost forgot I was standing in front of people! :) We were able to snag a photo, but one had already left. (Sorry, Marilyn!) Yup, that's me in there, too!

The most thrilling thing as a couponer is when you can teach someone what you know to save them $$, too. And I loved giving them their freebies at the end. You can see their big bags full of stuff I collected for them through CVS/Wags/Target deals.

Funny thing was--Bob told me about a recycle bin at the post office that had just thrown out grocery ads for a place we knew had a manufacturer's coupon for a free pack of Coke wyb 4! Hello, Jewel, here I come for 5 packs of Coke and 2 Hillshire Farms Sausages for $6.50! :) (Thanks, Bob!) My first ever recycle bin digging!

Anyway, I just wanted to welcome my new couponing friends to the blog and give a big Thank You to Noreen for setting everything up!


  1. Wow lucky them! I wish there was a class around me too and one where I would get all those goodies too! Hehehe. Very nice pic!

  2. What a fun idea! I'm considering holding a coupon class myself soon, did you incur any major start up costs? Would you be willing to share the materials you needed to have available for a successful class? I don't want to charge anything but I don't have a lot of money either lol. I'd want people to get the full value of a class, my area isnt' big on couponing.

  3. Hi Jaycie, I taught my first class last month also. I was surprised anyone cared what I had to say. Congratulations!

  4. How did you do the coupon class? I'm thinking of doing one, but unsure how/where to start. I have some great ideas,but not sure where to start.

  5. That is so awesome Jaycie! What a way to give back! I'd love to know what you covered and what you felt was the most helpful. Wonder if my library would be interested in something like that!

  6. Wow - that's so cool. Don't you just love teaching people to coupon?!

  7. You are such a sweet person Jaycie! I'm glad we got to know eachother even if it is online :O) I'm sure you gave those lucky people some great ideas and advise...especially if it is anything like your website!

  8. Jaycie, that is so very awesome of you to do that for your library for free. you rock!!

  9. Jaycie - That's great! Back in January, I attended a couponing class by Jill Cataldo, a huge couponer also from the Chicagoland area. Here's her website. She's in the Huntley area, but she does these programs all over Chicagoland and has been on the news and I think weekly on WLUP.

  10. I think I fo=orgot to attach her website. It's http://www.jillcataldo.com/


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