30 Ways to Lose a Pound: Re-Cap

Now that the series is complete, I thought I'd do a little recap of all 30 little ways that you can change some small habits or add new ones to your routine to possible lose a pound. Keep in mind that I'm not a Dr. nor am I a nutrition/fitness expert. So always check with your Dr. before changing ANY of your current diet/fitness routine.

TIP #1: Know What It Takes To Lose a Pound

TIP #2: Switch Out One Pop/Soda (Or High-Caloric Beverage) Per Day For a Glass of Water

TIP #3: Find and Display Visual Goals

TIP #4: Set a Time for When The Kitchen's Closed

TIP #5 - Keep a Food Journal or At Least Log Your "Bad Snackings"

TIP #6 - Quit Nibbling While Cooking and Don't Finish Your Kid's Plates

TIP #7 - Have Healthy Snacks Ready and in View

TIP #8 - Believe in Yourself and Know You are Worth It!

TIP #9: - Keep Moving! Consider a Pedometer To Count Steps

TIP #10 - Add an exercise time into your weekly "to-do list" so that you don't forget!

TIP #11 - Sneak in Exercise and Consider Some Isometrics

TIP #12 - Drink Plenty of Water Daily

Tip # 13 - Never Eat While Distracted

Tip #14 - "Cleanse Your Palette" After Eating "Junk Food"

Tip #15 - "Go The Extra Mile" Whenever Possible

TIP # 16 - Give Yourself Some Rewards For Weight Loss

TIP # 17 - Remember---Everything In Moderation

TIP # 18 - Eat Meals A Little Slower and In Smaller Bites

TIP #19 - Switch Your Dinner Plates To Smaller Plates

TIP # 20 - Know the Proper Portions of Food

TIP #21 - Keep a Positive Attitude

TIP #22 - Join A Support Group or Online Chat/Group

Tip #23 - Cut Out High-Calorie Condiments Or Don't Forget to Log Them in Your Food Journal

Tip #24 - Switch Out One Unhealthy Side Dish for a Healthier One

Tip #25 - Use Plain Low-Fat Yogurt In Recipes Instead of Mayonnaise or Sour Cream

Tip # 26 - Downgrade Your Milk A Level Or Two

TIP # 27 - Switch Out A Meal or Two of Ground Beef With Ground Turkey

TIP #28 - Find Better Alternatives To Ice Cream

Tip # 29 - Make Small Cutbacks or Changes Here and There

Tip #30 - Cut-back on Items With Cane Sugar In Them


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