31 Organizational Tips: Tip # 17

Tip #17 - Keep Your Fridge Clear From Too Much Clutter

Awhile back, if you had come over, you would have seen every picture any ever sent me, business cards, phone lists, 50 magnets etc all over our fridge. It just felt too cluttered. A few months ago, I found a photo star that you slide photos into to hang up all of our friends and families kids pictures. I then moved all of our business cards and such into our office and added any of the phone numbers I did need onto our phone list that was already there. I took all our unused magnets and put them in a Ziploc bag that I put on top of fridge.

You wouldn't believe what a difference it made to the feel of our kitchen! It looks sooo much cleaner in that corner now. I also had room to finally hang up a monthly dry-erase board to plan out my meals. Right now, I'm splitting each day putting an idea of what to have and then what we really end up eating. :) I figure at the end of the month, I can write down what we ate and then be set for ideas for another month's meals down the road.

So take a look at your fridge and ask yourself if everything that's there really needs to be there and if you eliminated some things, could it free up space for more useful things? Also, instead of hanging things like kids' drawings and special things on the fridge, consider a special wall of your house for these things. Like a little "trophy case" for papers.


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