31 Organizational Tips: Tip # 21

Tip #21 - Designate Certain Areas in the Fridge for Certain Things

It used to be a game of hide and seek when it came to finding leftovers. Then when I'd clean out the fridge, it became a new game of---what was that? Now, I try to designate certain shelves for certain things.

I try to keep my dairy and quick expirables all in one area. On another side, I keep snacking-type items so I'm not standing there holding the fridge open forever looking for what to munch on. My middle shelves are set for leftovers, and breakfast/lunch items, such as lunchmeat, bacon, eggs, etc. My bottom shelf is kept for beverages, defrosting meats/meals and easily spilt items. I do this so that if something does spill, I only have one shelf to clean and not the whole fridge.

By keeping your fridge organized, not only does it help keep it cleaner, but it also helps prevent items from going to waste. You will be more likely to use expirables before their dates and not forget about leftovers. If you don't have time to meal plan, try this: keep a monthly calendar on your fridge and fill in dates of when to eat those leftovers. Just by filling in those and some outings/parties that you have, you'll soon find out that your week quickly fills up. (Keep those sheets for future reference to possibly help you meal plan in the future.)


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