31 Organizational Tips - Tip #8

Tip # 8 - Invest in a Bill Organizer

I cannot tell you how much it has helped us since we bought a bill organizer, similar to the one HERE.

These are just simple folders that have a pocket for each month that you put all of your bills in. They usually have a place to jot down the bill, amount and Y/N did you pay it. Here are the advantages to using one:

1) With all of your bills in one place, you won't lose one, causing you to pay late fees.

2) It saves time in searching for your bills.

3) By keeping track of what you pay each month, you can keep an eye on if you are over-spending or need to cut back, i.e, turn down the heat, etc.

4) It makes bill-paying a lot quicker with everything in one place and easier if multiple people need to pay them, should you not have one designated "bill person" at your house.

5) If you jot down all the due dates on the pocket, you'll have a better idea of when everything is due, all at one glance.

Don't feel you have to buy one of these pre-made ones. You are all incredibly creative. I'm sure you can come up with your own versions. We bought ours through a school fund-raiser. So keep your eyes open in those catalogs your kids may bring home!


  1. Jaycie, I just saw little accordian plastic files at the $1 spot in Target that would be perfect for bills. Most of the $1 spot stuff was on clearance so they might be even cheaper.

  2. I keep track of all my bills on MS Money and just update when it the bill arrives. Then I put the bill in an envelope organizer (in order by due date, which I jot on the envelope) on the top of my desk. Most of the bills, I pay online, so if worst comes to worst and I misplace the bill,m I still have it showing when it is due in MS Money. I believe Quicken probably has the same reminder about bill due dates, but I haven't used Quicken in years. Love your blog and the fasct that you are from Chicagoland means most of your deals can be found in this area.


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