BlogHer: Pics and Tidbits

So the first thing you must know is that I am so incredibly shy. When I first got to BlogHer, I was kind of keeping to myself but after a bit, I just threw all fears aside and starting to strike up conversations with people. The more I talked, the easier it was. So much so that I was this incredible chatterbox with the most amazing family of 5 on my train ride home! :)

The things to know about BlogHer is---everyone is a little lost of who's who and what's what, people know bloggers but most don't know what they look like, :) there is free swag everywhere and it is just the most amazing time! I just signed up for Friday, as I didn't want to be away from the kids longer than that. It was so much in one day that I'm not sure I could have handled much more!!

Aside from learning more about blogging and wanting to meet new people, I had a few goals set--hang with my fellow Chicagolander Blogger, Clair (whom I was lucky enough to meet prior), find Mercedes to meet her and have a chat with and to finally meet the Wii Mommies in person and spend some quality time with them, as Jenn and I have been blog buds for a long time now! I'm happy I was able to do all of these! But I am sad that I didn't think to take a pic with Clair and the Wii Mommies. But here are the pics I was able to remember to get:

At registration, I met Resourceful Mommy for the first time.

After a FREE make-up touch-up at the Microsoft Spa and a few learning sessions, I chilled with the Wii Mommies and watched them do their radio talk show:

After lunch, I found Mercedes in the Wal-Mart booth and was lucky enough to have my camera with me then. She is just as lovely in person as she is on her blog. I had a nice chat with her!

Jenn, Sarah and I went to talk to their Hanes sponsor and Sarah took advantage of the free foot massage, while Jenn and I chatted. This is where we met a crafter,Christy Nelson, who is simply an angel! Loved her!

I had to take a picture of the All Fairies who were giving out chocolate stars, samples and coupons!

A few more sessions and some great speakers later, it was party time! Off to the House of Blues for the "EA Sports Party in the City" party thrown by the Wii Mommies! Check out the complimentary shuttle they had for us to get from the Sheraton to their location. Can you tell we were having fun?

Sadly, I had to say farewell to everyone and head home. I was going to grab a cab but the weather was beautiful, the people were a-buzzing and I had plenty of time to catch the train. So I hauled all of my swag and my original bag the 10 minute walk to the train. Talk about exercise--but it was so refreshing and the city was beautiful! Check out all the bags I had to carry home:

Check out the insane amount of Swag I got! Can you imagine getting all this free stuff in one day! And I didn't even hit all the places to get them! Some of what I got: A Leap Frog Tag Reader Book, Mr. Potato Head, Strawberry Shortcake doll and figurines, lots of kids cds/dvds, Eastland Backpack, loads of reusable bags, free samples, 3 t-shirts, slippers, Build-a-Bear, coupons, discount cards and one super cool EA Sports Active Bag that is going to be perfect for workout stuff!

My favorite freebie? Honestly...it was this friendship bracelet given to me by Christy Nelson. Afterall, that's what blogging is all about for me--making great friendships and giving freely and helping others. When I look at it, I remember my fun day! Thanks again, Christy!

The next BlogHer is in New York. While the thought of traveling so far away alone terrifies me, I am actually considering going. I just need to start working on sponsors! :) I hope you all consider going next year and that I see you there!

Thanks to BlogHer and all their great sponsors for a fabulous day full of new friendships and fun!

I have some great websites to share with you all but I want to compile them into one posting later.


  1. We missed ya - I'm anxiously awaiting an email to tell me all about it, or maybe I can figure out how to do the gmail chat thing =) Great haul of freebies!

  2. Jaycie!! I'm soooo happy about being able to spend so much time with you at BlogHer!!! I was so worried we wouldn't actually get to hang out:)

    I'm glad you had such a great time.... So did we! It IS exhausting. I miss my kids and I'm ready to go home!


  3. Great pics! So glad to hear you had a good time! I already bought my ticket for next year- my very first Blogher! Can't wait!! :)

  4. Im so glad you had such a good time...and new york?! you know id totally go with you :) <3u!


  5. Wow! Looks like a blast! Thanks for sharing!


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