Conveniently At Home: American Fries and Baked Potato Omelet

Welcome to my weekly series called Conveniently At Home. The idea of this series is to slowly transition myself from buying pre-made and/or processed foods and eventually make most of my foods "from scratch." This will be a slow journey but one worth the wait!

I received a gift certificate for this great little nearby cafe/pancake house. It was the perfect gift because I love to eat breakfast and Rich could go without ever eating eggs! I immediately turned to the omelets in the menu and one struck me as one to definitely try---Baked Potato Omelet! Now that sounded interesting. And it was delicious. So this week, I tried to duplicate it, so I wouldn't feel compeled to pay restaurant prices for it! :) And I thought I'd share a really good American Fries recipe with you that I learned in a restaurant where I used to work. The secret? After you boil the potatoes, you let them chill in the fridge before cooking to prevent them from turning to mush! :) So here are the recipes:


You'll Need:
Small Red Potatoes
Onions, chopped into medium pieces
Lawry's Seasoned Salt

Boil the potatoes, with the skins on. They are done when they can be easily pierced with a fork. Drain and let cool in the pan for a bit. Then transfer them to the fridge to let them completely cool. Once cooled, cut potatoes into quarters, still leaving the skins on. Next, melt a little butter in a skillet and add the chopped onions. Once the onions are mostly cooked, add the potatoes and keep turning them until they are cooked thoroughly. When the potaotes are almost done, sprinkle the entire mixture with Lawry's Seasoned Salt and stir. The mixture is done when the onions are cooked and the potatoes are heated. Transfer to plate and enjoy.

These are also a nice side dish and are especially good dipped in Ranch dip.


You'll Need:
Shredded Cheese
Red Potatoes, chopped into bite-sized pieces
Bacon, cooked and chopped into bite-sized pieces
Sour Cream

As with all omelets, the amount of ingredients is dependent on how big you want the omelet to be. The general rule is that you add 1 TBSP of Milk per egg. It seems to work out. So you'll mix the eggs and milk, accordingly. Heat some butter in a skillet. Add the egg mixture and cook on a medium-low heat. Once the mixture is almost cooked through, add a layer of cheese, chunks of red potatoes and pieces of bacon. Sprinkle chives throughout. Fold the omelet over in the pan. Add a few more sprinkles of chives. Once it's cooked completely, transfer to a plate and add a small dollop of sour cream. Super Yummy!

That was my homemade recipe that I tried for this week. Here's hoping that you've found something new to make from scratch and found that it was Conveniently At Home! If you made a recipe this week, or have one to share, please leave us a linky! And feel free to email me (or leave a link to) any of your homemade recipes for me to try out. I'll add them to my list for future weeks.


  1. I love the Fries recipe!! I generally just stick my cut up potatoes in some olive oil and greek seasoning and then toss them in the oven...this is a nice little rendition!!


  2. I just wanted to tell you that I made your beans recipe (kidney beans, baked beans, lima beans, bacon, etc.) for July 4th. My husband could not get enough of them and can't stop raving about them! They were SOOO good!!! Thanks for the recipe!


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