Friday's Follow-Up: Fitting Back Into My Clothes- Wk 5

So I figured out that there is a negative to signing up for birthday clubs---it's hard to resist using all of the freebies they send you! :) Last week I left off at 118.2 and this week I'm at...118.8. Yes, I know. I'm going the wrong direction on the scale! But, to be 100% honest, I figured it was going to be worse. Between birthday freebies and parties, I didn't cook supper from Friday - Tuesday! 5 Days!

This is the first time in my life that I'm actually proud of myself for gaining 1/2 a pound, so to speak! If I hadn't changed my eating-out habits, it probably would have been a 3-4lb weight gain! So what did I do different?

First off, as soon as my food came, I cut it in half and saved the rest to-go. Almost everywhere we went, the portions were outrageously large. Another thing I did was ask for any extras on the side. This way, I could add only what I needed. I made sure to request high-calorie condiments, such as mayo, to be left off. And I opted for water or milk to drink. (Though, I did "treat" myself to some sweet tea the one night!)

I am excited that I am finally able to start the EA Sports Active. I think I may start the 30 day challenge on Monday. We had a lot of house-stuff planned for this weekend and I didn't want to miss a day off the bat so I didn't start on the 1st.

Thursday night, it was a little cooler out so I took a chance and tried on those slightly snug size 6 jeans I had gotten for Christmas. Not only do they now respectfully fit, but they are even a little loose! This is the reason why you should never use the scale as your only measurement for weight loss.

How did your week go? Were you able to get in a little fitness or alter your diet to a healthier one? Feel free to share via Mr. Linky or in the comments field below this posting.


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