Friday's Follow-Up: Fitting Back Into My Clothes- Wk 6

I have a confession to make--I didn't exercise at all this week, so to speak. By that I mean, no walks, runs, bike riding or even Wii exercise things. (It was so weird to give these up this week! I think my Wii missed me!) All I did was clean. I cleaned in more of a frenzy than I did when I was a week overdue with Nathan and bit by the nesting bug. Did the scale show my hard work? Well, last week I weighed in at 118.8. And this week...117.8! How about THAT for motivation to de-clutter! :)

Not only was the cleaning a great form of exercise but it kept me overly busy so I didn't have time to think about snacking. I made sure before I started to have plenty of cheese, apples and celery ready to go for little breaks. And I always had my water bottle close at hand!

I cannot tell you how amazing I feel today. Not only is the house on the verge of being clutter-free but I also lost a whole pound! I'm inching closer to the weight I was before Kaydi at 114. (I'm not sure I'll get back down to where I was before Nathan at 107! :) I've always been very petite and fairly thin. I can thank my Mom for my small-bone structure and my height!)

So, how did you do this week? Did you get in any exercise or find a solution to switching to a healthier lifestyle? Leave us a linky and share. Even if it's just a good healthy recipe you've found!

Remember, regardless of what the scale says, it's all about how you feel inside. You overall goal should always just be to feel comfortable in your own skin!!

Looking for a great support group? Check out Wii Mommies! You can read more stories from some of them HERE, along with an update on a new DS game. I had a BLAST racing them this week in the Wii Mario Kart Big Race. :) And I forgot to mention, I've been holding off starting my EA Sports Active 30 Day Challenge until after BlogHer. I didn't want to miss a day!


  1. Since I've started being serious about getting healthier (and skinnier), I've only lost two pounds, which is a little disappointing considering how long it's been. However, I've lost TWO INCHES on my waist, which made me way more excited than those two pounds. And since I care much more about how I look than about the number on the scale, then all my work is doing me good.

  2. Erin,

    Two inches! That is GREAT! Congrats!

    Yes the scales aren't always the best tool to use alone. I always tell people to have a pair of tight pants to judge by or like you--actual measurements to go by. Because adding muscle can make the scale look like you aren't accomplishing anything.

    Keep up the good work!


  3. I started jogging and watching my sugar in January. I changed to stevia in my coffee, instead of sugar. I also have been paying more attention to sugars in things. But mostly the jogging has helped. WHen I started I could only jog 1-2 mailboxes and then I would stop and walk. Now I can jog 2 miles through my hilly neighborhood. While I wish I would have taken measurements of my waist and thighs before I started, I didn't, but I have lost 14 pounds! And I feel better, sleep better and seem to have more energy!

  4. You are amazing! I can't wait to meet you, I couldn't imagine weighing under 130. I'm hoping to find out how it looks though!! How tall are you?


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