Our Blueberry Picking Pics and Tips

Sorry for the slower postings today. It was a last minute decision to go blueberry picking. We were going to go last Wednesday but they had to close for a week to let more ripen. (I respect that they do this so you don't spend hours picking and getting hardly any!) Anyway, Rich had a root canal today and called on the way home to say he felt OK and that he'd watch Kaydi so Tater and I could do our 2nd Annual Blueberry picking together. (Isn't he sweet?) I wasted no time getting us ready and off we went! Cool thing is, Kaydi slept almost the whole time we were gone--so Rich got to relax most of it. Here's some pics of our day: (You can see last year's pic of him HERE. WOW has he grown up!)

Here's Tater reaching way back to grab a big bunch of blueberries. I was glad there were so many at his height level.

He absolutely refused to smile today. This is him just being the goof that he is! :)

My "expert" attempt at getting our picture together.

We picked almost 11 pounds--which is 5 cookie sheets full!


1) First, you can check PICK YOUR OWN to see if there's a location by you.
2) It's better to go early before the sun gets super hot. We didn't make it until the afternoon this time. It was 82 degrees out and felt at least 100 in the bushes! We only stayed about an hour.
3) Always call your location before you go! Sometimes they do have to close during their picking season.
4) Don't forget to bring the sunblock!
5) Definitely bring a water bottle. You'll need it!
6) Make a day of it and bring a cooler with your lunches. Some have a kids/picnic area at them. Ours had a sandbox and swings.
7) Bring a little container, such as a sour cream or cottage cheese container. Ours gave us a big metal bucket to fill. It gets heavy quick! I brought a cottage cheese container and put it right under the bunches and slid them off into it. It goes sooo much faster and it helps prevent a lot of waste from them falling.


I went twice last year. The first time, I washed them and froze them. On my second trip, two "veteran pickers" told me to not wash them, as they clump when they freeze. That you should "flash freeze" them on cookie sheets, just long enough to get solid. THEN put them in Ziploc bags. (I make a note on the bag that I need to wash them, so I don't forget!) The ones I did the first time were clumped and soggy when they thawed...and the second...perfect! :) I'm not saying this is the only or right way. It's just what worked for us.

I really hope you find a place to go blueberry picking! It might be a fun outing for you. Ours were $1.85lb, to give you an idea on pricing. So we spent $20.07 on a fun outing and enough blueberries to last for quite awhile for our waffles, pancakes, smoothies, cereal, snacking, etc.


  1. Hi dear I live in Chicago Northwest)area (Old irving Park)wich location did you go I have 4 kids and will like to go the location with thesandbox and swings.TIA.

  2. It's more Southwest I guess you'd say...It's called Tammen Treeberry Farm in Essex, IL. Their site is http://www.tammentreeberryfarm.net/btammen/ You can use Mapquest for directions. Looks like it may be a 2 hr drive for you. But if you have a day to kill and want to have fun...check it out!

    Definitely call before going. They get soo many people that I'm not sure they'll make it past this weekend.

    Lovely owners and workers. We go there every year. The sandbox is a little smaller and only a couple swings but it's better than nothing at all.

    If you want to make a day of it, check out the park in Godley http://www.il66redcarpetcorridor.org/godley.html Lovely! They even have deer that will come up to you through the fence! :) Great toddler area and older kids area right by each other. I assure you, you and the kids will LOVE it! Peaceful, clean and great equipment. About 15 minutes or so from the blueberry farm. But worth the drive!

    Hope this helps!


  3. You can wash & then freeze. HAve been doing it for years. After you wash, just drain, then lay them out on a clean towel. They will dry in no time. You can then freeze them on the sheets. It is much harder to wash them AFTER frozen, in my opinion. Love the pics & your blog!

  4. Like you, we make picking an annual tradition! We weren't able to make it this year during the picking season, so my parents picked and delivered (bless them!). We buy (ours were $1.20/lb) and freeze for the rest of the year as well! I just froze raspberries, too! :)

    We just enjoyed our berries over some easy shortcakes (they can be baked ahead and frozen as well!):



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