Shopping Warriors: Wk of 7/12

This was an odd picture that I had to take. The guys had my table full of tailgating things so I had to find an alternate picture area. :) This was my first trip of the week. I went to Jewel and Target. I ended up spending $36.66 and earned $7 in OYNO coupons at Jewel plus an extra Free Redbox Code. $13 was on 2 Rubbermaid Totes. I needed a few more to help me finish off my decluttering and storing.

I bought 5 boxes of Fruit Snacks, 4 Hormel Natural Lunch Meats, Large Pack of TP, a couple paper towels (the guys used mine. 3 rolls will last me about 6 months or more now,) Sunday paper full of coupons, 5 cheese shreds, olives and 2 pkgs of hotdogs. What's crazy is the lunch meat by itself not on sale is normally $19!

I realized we were running low on bread so I had Rich stop and get some more lunch meat, too. These were BOGO w/ $.55 blinkies by them. Plus I had printables. So instead of $4.79 each, they were $1.85. For around here, that's a good price for any lunchmeat, let alone natural ones. He also picked up some milk and chili sauce for some meatball sandwiches. (I used it before I took the picture!) :) Total ended up being $12.85.

What's funny is the receipt said $14.59. I told Rich no way that cost that much. Then I looked on the receipt and saw he picked up licorice. He has a habit of doing this when it's on sale. So he had to pay for that out of his own money since it wasn't on the list. He couldn't believe I could look at the groceries and know how much it cost that quick. I guess I've been deal shopping far too long!! :) He wasn't trying to sneak them in, he just left them in the car for work. It was all quite funny.

So my total for the week was $49.51 for my grocery/household budget and I have $7 more in OYNO coupons to use next week and we used the FREE Redbox Code for a movie this week.

I did spend some of my own money at Michael's. I found a cute monthly calendar dry-erase board, some playroom decorations and some workbooks for Nathan. I spent around $12.

So, how did your week go? Did you find any good deals? Leave a linky or a comment to share!


  1. I tried to get some good deals at Walgreens this week but it was a bust. Even now, thinking about, it irks me because I'm pretty sure I was right. The Man Beast said it's only a matter of $5 BUT!! *pout*

    great job this week!

  2. Isn't it funny how much more expensive things can get when there's a guy involved? I can never just get in and out of the store w/ my husband, there's always a 20 ounce (WASTE of $$) or a candy bar or something involved that throws my total off. If I could drive I'd sure leave him at home!

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