Shopping Warriors: Wk of 7/19

My hubby went to a high school reunion last week that was for anyone that had ever graduated at the school before it closed. It was a big event. So I stayed home with the kiddos so he could go, as my in-laws were out of town and couldn't babysit. So, being the sweet guy that he is, he told me last Sunday, go off by yourself and do something. So what did I pick---shopping alone! :) I know, crazy right? But it was soooo nice not having to deal with car seats or diapers or crabby kids and, well you know all that comes with shopping with kiddos. I browsed for once! So anyway, this was my trip:

So I put my CVS, Wags & Target trips all into one picture. I picked up lots of school supplies, which I plan on donating some to our local school. The Target trip was sooo great. I bought 5 Kashi cereal bowls, gave over the $1 off coupons and paid nothing! They even covered the tax, to which I was like, "Um, are you sure I don't owe tax?" Listen to me. Asking to pay more. Anyway, I should frame my receipt of $0.00 because it will never happen again, I'm sure! :)

Here's a quick breakdown: $22.63 at CVS and earned $17.87, I believe. At Walgreens, I spent $5.93 after using the $1RR I earned from the Pilot G2 pens. I didn't have the 12 posterboards I bought in the pic. At Target I spent, well, nothing! :) My total for this pic is $28.56, earning $17.87. I didn't have my J&J coupons or the battery one with me (left them at home!!) so I have to go back and get my money back on them. (Our CVS is great about this!)

Here's the funny thing about this. I dug and dug for my Jewel receipt for this pic and then I said, DUH I went to Aldi, not Jewel. I changed my mind last minute. :) So anyway, I didn't feel like digging again for the receipt but I believe with my Aldi and farmstand purchases it was around $16.45. Please forgive me if I am off. :)

This isn't in my grocery budget but I had to take a pic to share. I went to Goodwill and a used children's store. I found an outside water toy, 2 kids books, 2 Tag Reader books and a book for myself for $13. The Tag Reader books were $.99 each and are brand new! Gotta love it! I plan on sending one to my bud Jenn for her little guy. These purchases come out of my "allowance." :)

And the best for last. On Wednesday, we went to my in-laws (just me and kids) and Nathan picked all of these amazing veggies for me from Papa's garden. You can't beat homegrown and FREE! And he had sooo much fun picking them and hanging out with Papa!

So my total for grocery/household (not including my personal spendings) was $45.01 with $17.87 in ECBs to use yet.

How did your week go? Did you find any good deals? Leave us a comment or linky and share your fun!

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