30 Day Get Fit Challenge: Friday's Update

For those of you new to the blog, myself and 2 other bloggers decided to get together and do a 30 Day Get Fit Challenge for the month of August. You can read more about it HERE. It's just a simple commitment we've made to take time out of our daily lives to focus on a little healthier lifestyle. We've decided to incorporate a little exercise and healthier eating habits into our daily routines.

So, how did week 1 go for me? Well, I was able to start the healthier eating on Saturday but I couldn't start my exercise until Monday. I physically could barely get out of bed over the weekend, as a cold/flu bug took me out. But even though I was still sick on Monday, I got onto that EA Sports Active on my Wii and clicked on "30 Day Challenge." After my workout, I actually felt better. I had so much energy that I couldn't sleep until almost midnight! :)

Here's what I love about the EA Sports Active's 30 Day Challenge:

1) They mix up the activites each day so you are never bored doing the same routine.
2) You get to choose all of your settings, from what you look like on the screen, your music, which activities you can/want to do and which trainer you'd like.
3) They factor in "rest" days. No, you do not have to do 30 Days straight of workouts. They know your body needs a break!
4) Some activities are fun, while others are tough. It's a great balance.
5) Each activity is short but it's constantly moving. It's not jumping from screen to screen like the Wii Fit.
5) And the best part? You get a GREAT Workout!

Christy is also joining me on the EA Sports Active! I had to laugh when I saw her posting HERE on how she was sore this week! That's how I felt after day 1, too. Sore but feeling fabulous! I wasn't sore to the point of incapable of functioning and taking care of two little kids. But sore in the sense that I found muscles I didn't know I had. You can feel it working! I also like how she mentioned that prior she used her treadmill 4-5 times a week for 30-60 minutes but never felt a workout quite like she got on the EA Sports Active. :)

I also switched more of our food over this week to healthier choices. More whole grains. More turkey, less red meats. Healthier snacks. And lots more water! I feel great and to be honest, I'm enjoying this challenge! I honestly think it's help me kick this cold/flu bug a LOT faster!

So, how did your week go? I'm anxious to hear/read your stories? So leave us a linky and/or comment!

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  1. Hi, Jaycie! Great job, starting on your fitness challenge! I felt really sore after the first day, too, but it quickly turns to strength, especially after the first rest day!


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