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I've had the privilege of meeting some new bloggers in the last few months. I just wanted to give you a little tidbit of a few of them. I'll do this randomly throughout the month so you can meet them all.

Coupon Saver San Diego - A great site for those of you from California and looking for some local deals.

Moonlight Mom - She is launching her blog with a giveaway for a Pink Halo Sleepsack HERE. These are really great and I've used them with both of my children.

Carrie Actually - Carrie of, It's Frugal Being Green, is launching her new blog called Carrie Actually. Since I love her other blog, I plan on checking out the new one, too!

Deal-licious - I've actually been following her for a bit now but I wanted to give a proper shout-out her way so you could meet Jenn, too! She has some great deals and coupons on her blog.

She Saved - I had the pleasure of meeting Keri Lyn this last week. She's all heart!! I love her creativity in this thing she does called Blog Box Addition where she adds something new to giveaway. You can check out one posting HERE.

Alaska Coupon Diva - Anyone from Alaska looking to save some $$, here's a blog with some deals for ya! But there are great deals for anyone from any state, too!

True Adventures in Money-Hacking - I met Wren a few months back. Some of her latest postings to check out are her really great gardening pics and recipe on how to make homemade veggie burgers! I am looking forward to the day when I can have a more extensive garden. Soon! :)

Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports - Marina has the absolute adorable giveaways and gives some really great Mommy tips. You'll have to see the latest giveaway HERE for a stitched elephant piggy bank. :)

Making Cents Out of Life - Kristin is never short of deals and info on her blog. One to check out---Kmart's Christmas Club! I've never heard of it!

These are just a few of the great people I've met recently. There are more to come!! While I love helping everyone save money and work on getting out of debt, meeting new people and building friendships is another great joy in blogging. I love seeing so many people sharing their own special talents to help and/or inspire others. :)


  1. Jaycie Thank you SO much for doing this!! I appreciate that you take the time to read my blog in the first place, but to highlight it is just amazingly kind of you!

  2. oh my goodness...Jaycie...you are a doll! I just stumbled upon this neat post that you did...I had no idea, thank you!! You are such a good example of how bloggers should be ... you were one of the first ones there to cheer me up when I had a "bad blogging day" ... and I didn't even know you yet!! So glad I know you now!! Blessings & thanks again!! Keri Lyn


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