6 Weeks of Organization - Hope you Join Us!

If there's one thing I need more of right now, it's organization!! I had mentioned prior that I'd love to do a "Conquering Constant Clutter" series, but lately with several projects going on, the clutter has been conquering me!!

I was chatting with my friend, Lori, of Moms By Heart, and we thought it would be fun to do a "Getting Organized Together" series which I am playfully calling the "6 Weeks to Sanity Series." For the next six weeks, we'll each be tackling a different area of our house. And of course, there's always a fun giveaway along the way!

Since each of us has different areas that needs focus, you'll set your own schedule. Lori was so sweet to make a planning worksheet that you can use below to help customize your "game plan" for this challenge.

Here's what mine looks like:

Week 1: Closets/Garage - Finish the last few closets that have clutter and flip over to the next season's clothes. Our garage has become a store-all over the summer and we need to re-org. I'll also be cleaning out our vehicles and getting them "winterized."

Week 2: Paper Areas - Our computer desks have been taken over by paper! I also need to revise my couponing organization, as I just have too many to fit my current organizers. I'm also going to work on our next budget and find a better solution to mail/bill storage.

Week 3: Pantry/Kitchen - I'd like to inventory my pantry, weeding out expireds and taking note of what I need or am running low on inventory. This way, I can make my "look for deals on" list. I'll also try to work out a menu planning system. I have two areas of my kitchen that constantly clutter that I'll try to find a better storage system for them.

Week 4: Fridge/Freezer - Another area that needs inventory! I'm not quite sure what's in that deep freezer of mine! I'm also hoping to get in a fun freezer cooking session to share with you!

Week 5: Kids' Stuff - I'd like put together weekly "school sessions" with Nathan. During this time, I'll work on planning activities we can do together and finding creative ways to get him ready for pre-school next year.

Week 6: Schedule - After I finish tackling the clutter, I'd like to work on a schedule for keeping up with it. This is where I'll set up daily tasks to stay on my toes, as far as kids, blogging, meal-planning and housework!

Tasks are always more fun when shared with friends! And it's easier for me to hold myself accountable this way. So I hope you will consider joining us in our mission to get ourselves organized over these next six weeks!

Below is the sheet you can use to work out your own 6-week organization plan for this challenge! Thank you to Lori for all your help in getting this together! Want to hear what Lori's going to be up to during this series? You can check out her "game plan" HERE.

6 Week Plan


  1. I'll totally be joining you ladies! :) Is there a forum or something we can communicate in? I can always use some new organization ideas, etc. Just an idea..

  2. This is a GREAT idea Jaycie! :) I need to conquer my clutter, especially before the baby comes! I will be joining you as well. Let's try to keep each other motivated...

  3. I love this idea! My life is so crazy right now but I plan to start this in the next couple of weeks!


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