Bloglight's On You: Lost In Pizzaland

As a Mom of a Toddler, I am always looking for new activities for us to do throughout the day. Well, my all-time favorite blogger has some great ideas on her blog Lost In Pizzaland. Now, why is she my fave? Because she's my older sister! :)

She was over at my house one weekend telling me all about the things her and my niece had been doing together. I told her she needed to start a blog and share since so many of us are looking for things like these. So there we were trying to think of her blogname and we were busting up laughing when she decided on one I threw out to her. It's a funny family story, that she shares in her sidebar.

What's her blog all about? She does weekly themes that you can do with your kids. She'll give you a supply list to look for and then the activities/crafts you can do. She also includes games, snacks and related books to look into.

Now, she's just starting out and doesn't have as strong of a computer background but she's catching on fast. You know how it is trying to figure out the quirks of Blogger! :) She's still working on her format but I think she's doing a great job. (especially considering the poor thing has to work off dial-up access, since some trees obstruct her high-speed capabilities!)

She shares so much information for each week that you could almost stretch it into a whole month, if you did a few a day! I've already got a few of her activities on my list of to-dos with Nathan. She also does a Bake/Cook/Make Saturday, adding a baking/cooking idea to do with your little ones. I'm loving her lion cookie idea she found. (Pictured above)

I'm still amazed at how many ideas she's gathered from books, library/school activities and just her own creativity. So if you are looking for some boredom busters, check out Lost In Pizzaland!

To My Sister: Congrats on Your New Blog! I wish you all the best and hope you end up loving it as much as I do! Proud of you, Sis! :)


  1. Blog looks great!! I have little ones at home and will definately check it out for things to do! GOOD LUCK TO HER!! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  2. Thanks to you for the heads up about your sisters blog Lost In Pizzaland. I'm my grandaughter's day care giver so I'm "homeschooling" her. Lost In Pizzaland has so many ideas I can use. My grandaughter and I are going to have a ball. Again a big thank you for the heads up! I know Lost In Pizzaland will be a success just like Coupon Geek.

  3. Thanks for letting us know about your sister's blog!!

    I wanted to let you know I just sent you a great deal on Free Herbal Essences!!
    Thanks Deb @ frugal living and having fun!!


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