Thinking Ahead and Giving Back!

I have been sharing this with several of my friends and fellow bloggers and I just wanted to mention this to my readers, as well.

Right now, several locations are marking down their "summer" toy items and such--some even as low as 90% off! What I've noticed at several of my stores is that some of the items aren't even "summery" or could be paired with another item to make a nice gift set---for the needy! You could even snag a backpack and several items to fill it for next to nothing right now. (You could even call your local school to see if there's anything they are in needing to keep a look-out for.)

Yes, please, while you are out deal-finding and saving $$, consider picking up a toy or two for those that are less fortunate. You can donate them to The Salvation Army or to your local toy drive later. I'm sure some of them might even take them now, if you didn't want to store them.

Please help make the holiday season a little brighter for those less fortunate. And thank you for giving back! :)


  1. That is such a GREAT idea!! THANK YOU!

  2. what a wonderful thing to post, I hope many take you up on it (I know I will). I have been trying to pare down some of my blog following lately, since everyone seems to be posting the same exact deals... but posts with sensibility like this one keeps you high on my bloglines account! : )

  3. If you or your readers find a great deal on backpacks, check with your local schools to see if they offer a 'backpack program'. (This program has different names in different locations).

    The idea of the program is to send backpacks full of easy to prepare or instant foods home with children who might not eat very well over the weekend or school break. The teachers discreetly swap out the children's backpacks on Friday afternoon so that the other kids have no clue.

    They are always in need of backpacks and other stockpile items!

  4. At Christmas, our local fire station takes donated toys. My kids love to take a board game or something each and go over and visit the firemen - it's fun for them and they get to help someone. I do as you suggest and keep my eyes open for stellar deals. Then, when it's time to make our Christmas visit - we are ready to go!

  5. Great Post! Thanks!
    I just picked up some 75% off school supplies and donated to an ongoing school supply drive. They get a lot of donations at back to school time, but supplies are needed year round.


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