Where Have I Been?

My apologies with leaving you all without postings for so long and without warning.

My 10 month old has been basically inconsolable for two days now. I thought maybe she had the sickness Nathan had over the weekend but then I looked in her mouth and figured it out....she's cutting at least *three* teeth at the same time. Yikes! The crying has given me a throbbing headache and I've stayed clear of my computer.

I have a lot of deals to post, which I'll try to get posted tomorrow.

Thank you for your patience and for your concerned emails/comments. You are all so sweet!


  1. My 10 month old was the same was a few weeks ago. Pour thing had 3 teeth coming in at once, plus had a cold. It was so awful. Hope your little one gets to feeling better. And though we miss you, we all totally understand. Family first :) Try and have a Great Weekend!

  2. Jaycie ~ I have been wondering if everything was ok... but I am glad to hear that you are taking time for more important things!! ***HUGS*** KL

  3. I feel for you. When my son was 22 months old, he cut 4 molars at one time. It was a miserable week. Hang in there!

  4. Awww Jyacie! Those days are very hard! She is fussy now, but just think of the day she will be happy to loose her first tooth so she can get tooth fairy money like my daughter did a month ago....it's so cute! Time really flies!

    Glad you are doing ok. Talk to you soon!


  5. my sympathies - my 14 month old is cutting 2 at the same time right now as well, so I'm right there with ya! he has one coming in on the top left and the other on the bottom right, so I can only imagine his entire mouth is in pain! poor babies... this too shall pass!


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