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The temperatures started dropping in the last few weeks here in Chicagoland and it occurred to me that winter's almost here. And for us, that not only means cold, cold weather but snow! While I love taking my toddler out in it, it does tend to keep me a little more homebound when I have to drive in it. :)

So over the last few weeks, I've been focusing even more on my family. I'm trying to sneak in as many outside outings as I can. Lately, we went apple picking and on a full moon walk and are planning a trip to the pumpkin patch hopefully this weekend. I am getting so excited about my daughter's first Halloween and that my parents will be able to share that with us this year.

(Pics of our Full Moon Walk)

But as I've taken more time for my family, I've fallen a little behind on the things that I need to do daily to keep up on blogging. So I just wanted to say Thank You for your patience as I s-l-o-w-l-y do my best to catch up on emails, deals sent and even some blog awards I've been awarded. (Thank you for that honor and I'll post about those real soon!) I'm doing my best not to stress over catching up, as I hate to not get back to my readers quickly, but I know you all understand.

I'm hoping that while deal-finding, saving money and even blogging can be fun that you always keep your focus on what's most important -- family. Deals will come and go but you can never get back those precious moments with your little ones. My littlest is turning one next month and I keep asking myself--where did the time go?

Make sure to plan some time for some fun fall outings and make those memories that you will long remember over any great deal you might find.


  1. You are so sweet Jaycie! I completely agree! I love that you point this out because sometimes I feel guilty for not emailing everyone back that emails me. It's just humanly impossible to do everything! I have started taking the weekends off from blogging altogether because it's just too much. I'm glad to know I am not the only one that feels overwhelmed sometimes! I love how you keep it real!

    Have a great day!

    Your friend,

  2. I absolutely agree, Jaycie. Family is truly so important and yes, time does go by too quickly. I don't know how you and some of the other bloggers do so much with little ones. I am in awe of that. Our 4 boys are at school during the day and I still get overwhelmed...lol. And Christy is right - thanks for keeping it real.
    BTW - great family pics!
    ~ Lisa @ Mojo

  3. Are you kidding, Jaycie?? You shouldn't apologize to anyone for taking a break from doing us a favor to spend time with your adorable children!! ;-) I love your blog and think you are doing a great job. Thanks for everything you do for us, it is very much appreciated.

  4. You went! I love when it's cool outside and every one wants to hold hands and snuggle on the walks. Your little ones are definately cute and snuggly looking! I wonder what Nathan thought of his neighborhood in the dark? Great pictures,

  5. THESE are the important things... all those silly deals come and go ... you are doing your job as mommy, which should always come first. If there is anyone who doesn't understand (which I don't think there is...) then their opinion doesn't matter anyway ... you do such a wonderful job at keeping a balance ~ keep that focus and you will continue to draw a crowd. Your the best!! Hugs, Keri Lyn

  6. I would like to know more info on pumpkin patch-farms and fall stuff I have 5 kids and hard to keep them bussy at fall.


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