EA Sports: Active More Workouts - Active For Life 6-Week Challenge - & Our Hubby vs. Wife Competition

There I was just blogging from my heart about how much I loved EA Sports Active and was so excited about how there was a new expansion pack called EA Sports Active: More Workouts coming out. Next thing I know, I got contacted by EA Sports offering me one to try out and asked if I wanted to join their Active For Life 6 Weeks Challenge! Well, if they could see me skipping around the house, they would have known my answer! :)

When it arrived, it also came with an EA Sports Active Multiplayer Pack. Since I already had one from the EA Sports Active, I called my hubby up and said, "Looks like your wish to lose weight has just come true!"

Never did I think he'd agree to it, but he did. He's going to do the Active For Life 6 Week Challenge with me! We were going to start on the November 20th date with the others but I've been having some shoulder pain and wanted to wait for it to go away before we did. So....tonight's the night!

We are actually pretty excited about our "friendly competition." We haven't completely set our winnings up yet but I think it's going to be whomever loses the most percentage of weight gets a "Free Saturday"---A Saturday to do whatever, kid-free. Shop. Watch Movies. Play Video Games. Whatever.

So tonight we are weighing in and starting our first workout. I'm a little nervous since my friend Jenn, of SuperJenn, already started and said that they are such great workouts that she's sore already! SWEET! No pain, no gain, I guess!

Now just so you know, I have put on a little weight since my 30-Day Fitness Challenge this summer. I was sick for a good two weeks in October and not able to exercise. I also indulged waaaayyy to much on Halloween candy and food at three parties now! So we'll see how high the scale shows.

Hoping that you will also consider picking up the EA Sports Active: More Workouts or even the 1st edition called EA Sports Active. Remember, Amazon has a hot price on it now for $39.99!

Looking forward to sharing our fun Hubby vs. Wife updates. And let me tell you what a privilege this is for me that my Hubby is letting me blog about it. He's usually a very private person. He's so supportive of my blog but he usually remains a "behind the scenes" kind-of-guy.

Thank you to EA Sports for the opportunity to test out the EA Sports Active: More Workouts! You can check out all that they have going on over HERE. Also, if you looking for an additional support group, don't forget my friends over at the Wii Mommies!

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