A Few Notables

Here are a couple things I ran across in the last few weeks.

I'm not sure if the Happy Meal Toys are always the same nationwide but ours are currently running the My Little Pony promotion. And they are oh so cute! Some people aren't aware that you don't have to buy a Happy Meal to get the toys. You can buy them separately. I've heard them range from $1-$2. I just thought I'd throw this out there in case you were looking for some small, cute stocking stuffers. My sister's are only $1.09 so I'm having her get Kaydi a couple for this very reason. (or pay the extra for a quick meal while you are out shopping.)

Also, one of my reader friends, Ann, said that her McDonald's lets them turn in proof-of-purchases (on bottom of boxes/bags) from Happy Meals for FREE ones. Hers only needs 10, but she said some of the corporate-owned ones take 20. So check with yours and see if they do this promotion, too. Remember, all promotions vary by owner so some may not offer this deal.

When we were at Home Depot, I noticed that ours had a paint clearance area. It's for paint that's been made the wrong color or some reason for them being returned. I was able to find a gallon of pretty paint for $5 and a smaller one for $1! Sometimes all a room needs is a nice new coat of paint to spruce it up. So next time you are at any of your Home Improvement stores, check/ask if they have a paint clearance area. (And I hope you find a great color on-the-cheap, too!)


  1. What a great tip on the paint! I'd have never thought of that. I'm tagging along with hubby on his next trip!

  2. Thanks for the info, Jaycie - but, what's proof of purchase for a Happy Meal? Something from the bottom of the box it comes in? Thanks so much!

  3. My daughter was so excited for the My Little Pony in her happy meal. We go on Tuesday nights from 5-7 when the Happy meals are only $1.50!

  4. CFO -

    There's a proof of purchase on the bottom of the bags/boxes. Good question. I updated the posting with the info, too!


  5. Katie,

    Wow, I wonder if our McDs has that deal, too! We might have to have some Tuesday outings! :)



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