So Many Ways To Give Back

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If you've been following the blog for any amount of time, you've heard me mention about giving back. There are so many in need right now that it truly saddens my heart. I wish I had enough money to feed them all and provide them great homes and the comfort of shelter. But I don't have the money. So I blog. I blog to help others. To possibly find a deal or two that might just make someone's budget go a little farther. I get asked frequently from my readers what they can do to repay me and I always just say to give back to those in need--in one form or another.

There are so many ways to give back. Some ways involve money while others just involve a little of your time or even a simple caring smile to a stranger.

For those of you looking to give back, here are some ways:

*Share some of your great freebies/deals with a local food pantry or even just a friend in need.

*Offer your time by volunteering. There are so many great places to choose from; hospitals, nursing homes, homeless shelters, support groups, etc. Or call your local Salvation Army and see if they need volunteer "bell ringers" and feel great raising money for the needy.

*Take the time to share your couponing/deal-finding skills for FREE with a local group. (Feel free to use my info HERE to help with a class.) Or simply teach a friend or co-worker. You might just find that you'll now have something great to chat about and you'll help stretch their budgets, too.

*Pick a name (or two) from a local Angel Tree and use your skills to find great toys/clothes for them. Call your local Salvation Army if you need a name. Or donate a toy to any of the other great organizations out there that help bring toys to children in need.

*Donate to your favorite organization/charity that helps others.

The ways to give back are endless!

And I'd like to just take a moment to share my favorite organization with you: The Salvation Army. I wrote a posting up earlier in the year HERE that illustrates the growing need, and all the ways The Salvation Army is helping those people. So when you see their kettles out there when you are shopping for your deals, please consider dropping some change in them. Or you can toss your "change" in my Virtual Online Kettle HERE. It will accept donations of $5 or more and you can even choose to have the money sent to your local Salvation Army to keep the money within your own community. You can choose to have your name listed or posted Anonymously. This will be displayed in my sidebar throughout the holidays. You can also join my team or create one of your own virtual kettles.

Whatever path you choose, Thank You for taking the time to give back to those in need. Several of these people are just hit hard by the economy and stressing over how they will get their next meal on the table. Thank you for helping them.

Blessings To You All!

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  1. When my nephews were little and their family was struggling, Salvation Army gave both boys new bikes for Christmas one year. I always give to the S.A. every year in appreciation for them making that Christmas happy for my nephews :)


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