Walmart: Wii for $199 plus $50 Gift Card

I know some of you are still on the hunt for a good deal on a Wii. Wal-mart (in-store only) has a deal this week for $199 with a $50 Wal-Mart Gift Card.

Pays To Be Frugal shared with me that some Wal-Mart locations are still offering that gift card option to those that have bought the Wii there within the last 15 days. So if you have, call to see if your location will give you the gift card if you bring in your receipt. I'm sure they are doing this to avoid people returning them and rebuying them.

Thanks for sharing, Pays To Be Frugal!

I love our Wii and consider it to be a great investment as we have got not only a lot of fun out of it, but it's also been serving as our personal trainer with the EA Sports Active and EA Sports Active: More Workouts. My hubby and I are in a friendly competition now with their 6 Week Challenge, seeing who can lose the most % of weight. We haven't been weighing in to see who's lost the most. I think it will be more fun to just do one weigh-in at the end. Both of us just really care about getting into shape.


  1. FOR YOUR INFO: in store only

  2. I've really been wanting one, but I don't think that's in my budget this year. Even though that's a super fab deal. Hmmmm? I wonder if I could come up w/ the money and use the gift card for what I need. IDK... I'll have to think this through. :) Thanks for posting about this.

  3. How long is this deal for? Is it over already or is still good for this week?

  4. I think this ended yesterday, 12/12. Sorry!! I'll keep my eyes out for another one for you.



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