Eat From the Pantry Challenge - End of Week 1 Progress & $.08 Yogurt

Well, we survived another week of "Eat from the Pantry." Though, I have to tell you that resisting the temptation to still buy up phenomenal deals was quite difficult. As a money-saving shopper, it becomes second nature to scan an ad, know your coupons and be able to piece together a shopping list full of great items for next to nothing. But there does come a point when you have to use that stockpile (or donate it!)

This became sort of the "creative" week for me. I think we have to do that sometimes or our meals can sometimes become bland. Instead of just plain hamburgers, I made green olive burgers. Not sure if this is a mid-west thing but they are sold in some restaurants around here. I had my first one at a Hot n Now in Michigan back in High School. It's an interesting, and salty, addition to a plain burger.

Another night, I used some very brown bananas with some milk and Starbucks Ice Cream to make what tasted like a chocolate covered banana shake---with a kick! Definitely not one of my healthy snack choices, but good nonetheless!

I realized one afternoon that I was low on Mayo and didn't have any yogurt at the time, so I mixed some of that Free Wholly Guacamole I had picked up at Jewel with a can of Tuna to make a Tuna Sandwich. Hey, not half bad! I had to laugh thinking my food choices were starting to resemble some I had when I was pregnant. :)

Now, what I didn't pass up on for a deal this last week was Dannon Yogurt that a nearby store had on sale for $.25. I had several $1/6 printable coupons so it ended up being $3 for 36 of them or around $.08 each! I purposely waited until late in the evening on the last day of the sale to buy so many and come to find out--they were well stocked just for that sale.

So we've been having yogurt for snacks and at several meals. With the money I've saved on groceries, I bought laundry detergent, light bulbs, extra produce, etc.--basically things we were running low on or that sometimes are expensive. My latest addiction? The Cuties Clementines--they make for a great quick snack.

Hoping you had a creative and fulfilling week eating from your pantry, as well! I'm enjoying all the saved time not spent at the grocery store.


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