KitchenAid: 12 Cup Food Processor $139.99

So I mentioned that I was looking for a food processor and I stumbled upon a few in my search. Here's one I wanted to mention to you guys. Amazon has a KitchenAid 700-Watt 12-Cup Food Processordiscounted to $159.99, with a $20 rebate for that model. (Note: It's only the Onyx Black that's this cheap.) It comes with 7 accessories, too.

I'm on the fence now. I don't need a 12 cup, but it's only $5 more than the 9 cup and comes with a lot more accessories. Decisions. Decisions.

The best part of ordering through Amazon, is that I can use my gift cards I earned through SwagBucks making this next to nothing out-of-pocket! (And they offer FREE shipping!)

OK, Food Processor owners....is this a good deal? Or have you seen these sold cheaper?


  1. Hey, I didn't get a chance to respond to your original food processor post, but I do have an opinion :) I bought a cheap 9-cup Black & Decker model at Target (it was actually REALLY cheap, $10 on clearance!) and it works fabulously well for my basic kitchen needs. I use it for baby food and also for slicing, chopping and pureeing during my own prep work, and I love it. I've had it for about three years and it's still going strong, so I don't know if it's necessary to spend 3 times what one would cost at Target for this one.

  2. Then again, if you have your heart set on a Kitchen Aid or higher-end food processor, I would definitely spend the extra $5 for the bigger bowl and more accessories!

  3. I would get the bigger one. 9 cups is not that much at all and there are lots of recipes that call for a larger size. I (think) have an 11 cup and sometimes it is not big enough for making certain cakes and things.

  4. I just bought got us one @ amazon.com after following your posts and reading people's comments. I'm so excited because we have been wanting one for so long, but holding out for a great deal and borrowing my in-laws processor until then! Once I did the math, the one from QVC ended up costing $153.37 after shipping and rebate ($15 rebate on that model.) Plus, I'd rather have the extra slicing blade because I know I'll use it more than the julienne and will get that blade if/when needed in the future. Guess I'm saying that all-in-all I believe this is quite the deal. Guess I'll find out when it arrives!


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