To My Mother - With Love

Dear Mom,

They say you never realize how much your Mother really did for you and truly appreciate her until you become one yourself. Well, whoever made that statement was indeed a person of wisdom.

They also say that you should show a person you love them by your actions. And I know the best way to show you how much I love you is by taking all those important lessons that you've taught me and to share them with my own children--teaching them about Faith, Love and Kindness.

I thank you for every sacrifice you've ever made for me. And for your ever infinite love.

I miss you and wish you were sharing in my first Mother's Day with my own daughter but what's important is all those days in between. And how thankful I am that you were there the second she was born--the most important "Mother's Day" of all! I'll see you in a few weeks! "5"


  1. that was beautiful Jay, sure know how to make your babysister cry. I know that Im truly blessed with such a wonderful mother and two beautiful sisters that I know will be just as good of mother's as our own mom. Hope you have a Happy Mother's Day.


  2. I am the one who is rich as to have such beautiful, kind and loving children. You are each a blessing to me; for all you do for me each in your own way I thank you. I rejoice as I see you reach out to each other - you will never know how happy that makes me feel. I love you each so very much. Mom "5"


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