31 Ways To Save On Your Grocery Budget: Tip #10


I noticed a huge difference in my grocery budget when I simply switched from using a credit card to using the debit card. But let me tell you, the amounts I saved by simply bringing only cash was mind-boggling---especially when I only bring along just what I figure my shopping list to be.

Let me tell you, the chance of sheer embarrassment when your total exceeds what you have with you will make you second guess any additional purchases AND you'll be closely watching the totals of what's on your shopping list!

Yes, I know. When I used credit cards I'd argue that I was earning 1-5% back on my groceries by using it. And maybe you have more willpower to say no to additional purchases. But, when I pulled out some old receipts and started adding up additional purchases, let me tell you, those purchases far exceeded my 1-5% earnings! It doesn't take much. Those spending $400 a month on groceries would only earn $4-$20 a month or around $1-$5 a week. Throwing in even one or two extra items voids those earnings.

Using cash, and by only bringing with you what you need, helps prevent impulse items which can easily and quickly start adding to your monthly grocery budget. But in the end, regardless if you use cash/debit/credit, everything comes down to willpower. The power to say no to things not on your list, especially those you don't really need and are just hungry for! :)

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  1. I have always used cash! It is a big moneysaver because you have to stay within your budget! Great post!


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