30 Ways To Lose a Pound: Tip #11

TIP #11 - Sneak in Exercise and Consider Some Isometrics

My all-time favorite fitness expert is Denise Austin. Not only does she look fabulous but she also has this contagious and positive energy about her. She makes you WANT to exercise! I've heard her say in several articles/interviews that she "sneaks" in exercises all day to stay fit. Things like doing squats while blow-drying your hair. Every little bit adds up to burned calories.

Also, consider reading up on isometrics. (Check with your physician before trying these as they are not recommended for everyone.) They are "exercises without movement in which muscles are contracted and strengthened through resistance." (Most of you women are familiar with one in particular called Kegels!) I couldn't find a great article to link you to but there's a great write-up on them in the book called Simple Steps: 10 Weeks to Getting Control of Your Life (This is a great all-around book that you should try to check out from your library!)

So next time you are waiting...at the Dr's office, for water to boil, for your hair to dry...try to think of some way to sneak in some (safe) exercise!


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