Reader Q&A: How to Make Money Without A Blog

Whenever I get a question a few times from readers, I try to put up a posting on it. As they say, when one asks, there are several that don't.

The one I've been getting lately is "I don't have time/knowledge to run my own blog but I'd like to make a little extra money for my family. Do you have any ideas or recommendations?"

Obviously, the first thing Coupon Geek would HAVE to tell you is...coupon and follow blogs to find great deals. :) This won't make you money but you'll save loads. (But sometimes, you'll get lucky and actually find money-making deals!) Then...

Before I had my own blog, one of the things I did was to participate in surveys. My favorite was My Survey. I actually put up a posting about it awhile back HERE.

Another thing to do is to join SwagBucks and to do your online searches there. You can turn in your SwagBucks for giftcards. I turn all of mine in for $5 Amazon gift cards, which only takes 45. Save up your $5 ones so you can get that FREE shipping at $25 threshold that most items qualify for. Especially make sure you do this on Fridays, as they are "Mega SwagBucks Days" and you can win more. $5 may not seem like much but it adds up and it doesn't take up any extra time. This won't technically "make" you money, but it will free up your cash you'd spend on those items for other things.

If you really want to know about some great money-makers, Moms By Heart has a well-written posting HERE with lots of ideas.

I hope this helps!

NOTE: If you have a question, please, by all means, feel free to email me at coupongeek at live dot com. I do my best to answer my readers. BUT please remember, some weeks get crazy and it may take me a bit to get back to you. But if it's been a week, forward your email again. It either means I've spaced out or I'm disorganized that week. I honestly do not always have it together. :) You know how it is---going six directions at once sometimes.

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