Kmart: Ceasing Super Doubles Soon?

My Frugal Adventures has a posting HERE about Kmart possibly ceasing Super Doubles (until next year) after this next round that is available at some locations starting this Sunday.

I guess I *really* better get my coupons together and hit this last one. I've been dragging my feet on it for the last two. It's just not very convenient for me to get to one.

If I remember, I'll put up a link soon for all of you to share your coupon match-ups and deals you've found. Time to have a little fun and get some great deals! :)


  1. Do you think they're ceasing doubles to gear up for the holidays???

  2. That would be my guess. With all the extra shopping coming up with the holidays, they probably don't want to deal with couponing on top of it. (But I'm guessing they'll put out a few toy coupons during that time...but that's just a guess.)

    I'm hoping they'll do some great ones (doubles) in January/February when sales are slower to draw us all back in. Keeping my fingers crossed! :)


  3. Jaycie, you're not alone. I've been dragging my feet for the last two also. Their stores are just so darn dingy and depressing!


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